Long Feature Films
“Caixa 2” (Brazil) – Directed by Bruno Barreto
“The Snake King” (USA) – Directed by Allan Goldstein - Equity
“Acquaria” (Brazil) – Directed by Flavia Moraes– Produced by FOX
“Lost Zwig” (Brazil) - directed by: Sylvio Back - voice over
“Seja o que Deus quiser” (Brazil) - directed by: Murilo Salles, with Nicete Bruno
“Woman on Top” (USA) – directed by: Fina Torres with Penelope Cruz, Harrold Perrineau Jr, and Mark Feurstein - Produced by Fox Searchlight

Short Feature films
“Deliverous” – directed by Marcos Frutig
"O Pai" - directed by: Manoel Rangel - with Lui Strasburguer
"Viva" - directed by: Arturo Querzoli and Zeto Sé
“As Vidas de Albert Ekhout” - directed by: César Carvalho - documentary (voice over)
“Nunc et Semper” - directed by: José Roberto Torero, with Jofre Soares, Carlos Moreno and Sergio Mamberti


Shakespeare Extracts - Dir. Robert MacCrea (England);
Cabaret – Director: Albano Sargaço
Rocky Horror Show by Richard O’Brien - Dir. Albano Sargaço;
Picnic on the Battlefield by Fernando Arabal – Directed by Andrew Norton (England); Six Characters in Search of an Author by Pirandello - Dir. Andrew Norton (England);


Ford, Nintendo, MacDonald’s, Itaú, Esso, Embratel, Ford Motors, Telebahia Celular, Shopping Lupo, INSS, Epoca Magazine, CPFL, Banco 1, among others.


Rede Globo – Senhora do Destino – role: priest
Rede Globo – A Diarista – Os Gordos e a Magra – role: Hilton
Rede Globo – Álbum de Casamento – role: Janjão
Rede Globo – Retrato Falado – Lea’s Episode – role: Lea’s Father
Discovery Kids Channel – Voice Overs
Canal Paulista - Series: As Confissões do Frei Ambrózio – role: Frei Ambrosio;
Mini-série: Os Calouros - role: Professor Camões.
Voice Overs for the Cartoon Network, Discovery Kids and HBO.



Oficina de Teatro - Future Theatre Now by Andrew Norton (London)
Acting in Cinema - Estúdio Fátima Toledo
Acting for the Camera I and II by Fernando Leal; Workshop with Cininha de Paula;
Workshop with Herwal Rossano; Workshop with Luciano Sabino
Naturalism for Actors with David Peacock

Special Skills

British, American, Irish, French, Italian, Brazilian

Voice Over: Radialista Setor Locução - SENAC
Dubbing: Curso Livre de Dublagem - Nelson Machado

Singing (Baritone), Guitar, Harmônica, Flute

Drawing, Painting


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